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In collaboration with Future Studios our members get access to a full suite of professional recording services.

The Musicians' Net studio recording services are offered through Future Studios, a full-service, professionally-equipped music recording studio in Southern Arizona. Get in the studio and record your music with the help of an on-site sound engineer and music producer.

Deliver an EP or full album to your fans with full-mixing services and post-production editing. Future Studios hosts an assortment of quality outboard gear and vintage microphones to give your recording a depth and warmth that become trademark qualities of your final production.

Recording studio services include:

  • Studio time at Future Studios to deliver an EP or full album
  • Access to sound engineers and producers for consultation and expertise
  • Use of studio instruments and equipment
  • Support from professional studio musicians
  • Full post-production services
  • File transfers and multiple format delivery
  • In-studio video production

For a full list of available studio equipment, check out

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"Musicians need a true brother/sister union of true solidarity. We need to help each other by musicians looking after other musicians."

—The Musicians' Net Founder, TaliasVan

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