About the Musicians-That-Need-To-Be-Heard Network

Most musicians are not business minded. They are artists. The Musician's Net membership provides business consultation and management. Most musicians do not understand the business of music, and that a career takes time and nothing happens overnight.

The Musician's Net comes from the visionary outworking of TaliasVan, a master musician in his own right, who has developed his own vertically-integrated musician support network from the ground up, over the last 40 years. It is his vision that many deserving artists receive assistance and resources to invest in their music careers, to bring about the uplifting and spiritually-rich music that is so needed on this planet today.

The music, the pure heart of the musical inspiration of the artist is what our world needs to hear. It's too great a cost to humanity to continue to jeopardize and compromise the vision of true musical artists. MTNTBN serves to curate music that would not get heard and get it heard. We incubate talent and artistry and protect vision from compromise.

We aim to network with you (the artist) in a way which protects your authenticity, integrity, and allows you to hone your craft—so you can reach the world without compromising your message. If you're not aware of the massive consolidation in media and music, then please know your industry is 90% vertically controlled by three conglomerates: Universal, Warner, and Sony Records. And that means you have about a less than 10% chance of for a mainstream music career without them. And the chances of you getting into them is the same.

The Musician's Net is founded on the belief that artists and society deserve greater opportunities and choices in music! The current business model for music must stop, and be rebalanced for society. In fact, it is our collective responsibility to do so! The Musician's Net is a real music industry alliance that will reverse these trends and help reopen doors for self-expression for many committed to their music careers. You can be a part of this by signing up with our network today.

Let us help you bring your music to the world.

Letter from the Founder

This is a message to all seeking musicians from the Musician's Net founder and master musician TaliasVan.

" I wrote my first song when I was about 10 years old and was then singing on street corners, back in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the Uptown area.

When I was 12 years old, I brought one of my songs to a downtown radio station office and asked for the DJ and said I'd like to sing my song over the air. They of course laughed politely, tapped me on the head lovingly, and said "Come back kid when you get older."

So I kept on coming back, to radio stations all over the country, as I grew from pre-teen to teen, to my mid-twenties, to my thirties and forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies. (I'm tired just thinking about!) And they kept tapping me on the head, then saying "Take the spiritual lyrics out of your songs, and we most likely will sign you to that contract and get you airplay."

I had to obtain my own radio station, called KVAN.FM to now get airplay of my music and artists that I believe in, to give them airplay.

It's been a lifelong struggle. Continue reading...

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