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Our aim is to give counseling and guidance to the worthy songwriter, singer, and musician worldwide. We explore what true success is.

For example, many musicians who become "famous," in what we would call the greed and ego reality, cannot handle their success and usually commit some kind of "suicide" upon reaching fame (whether it be spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically).

With our higher-consciousness counsel, our aim is for a musician to be recognized and have positive influence. We have a motto: "Keep the spirit in the music, help others in the process without major record labels' help, egos, or greed." We teach that one's positive desires can be manifested through right choices, and provide mentorship and counseling to assist our members in achieving their goals.

The present music industry of greed is constructed mainly to make a few people at the top very rich and a few musicians, out of thousands, successful. The Musicians' Net believes that with the combined unity of thousands of musicians, we can together help to promote each of our musical destinies in a more honorable and forthright manner.

Professional artist development services include:

  • Career counseling & consultation
  • Voice or instrumentation coaching
  • Performance style consulting
  • Personality marketing
  • Spiritual musicianship training
  • Songwriting

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"Musicians need a true brother/sister union of true solidarity. We need to help each other by musicians looking after other musicians."

—The Musicians' Net Founder, TaliasVan

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