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Get signed without signing away your artistic integrity. Global Change Music nonprofit record label supports musicians and their vision.

Global Change Music nonprofit record label makes grants of housing, instruments, and recording opportunities available to hopeful, promising student musicians from around the world who may not otherwise have the opportunity to develop as musicians in the arts. Our philosophy is based upon the wholeness of developing the complete personality—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

"It is the hope of Global Change Music to sign artists who are vocalists and songwriters, who write higher consciousness messages, and who have something positive to say. Higher consciousness music does not have to be boring or rote. It is the intent of Global Change Music to bring the fusion of the highest of melodic sounds with the highest of consciousness lyrics in the hopes of uniting all of humanity into common truths in the understanding of the Creator and true reality. There is a place for all forms of music, but all forms of music are not necessarily beneficial to humanity. In order for music to be truly of eternal value, the artist must be truly of eternal value—for music is the expression of the spirit of man/woman. If that spirit is filled with love and compassion, that is heard in the music. If that spirit is filled with anger, that too is heard in the music. If that spirit is filled with triteness, that also is heard in the music. It is easier to write beautiful words than to live them. A musician who wants to make a difference on this planet needs to walk the walk that he or she writes about."

—TaliasVan, Founder of Global Change Music

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"Musicians need a true brother/sister union of true solidarity. We need to help each other by musicians looking after other musicians."

—The Musicians' Net Founder, TaliasVan

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